Inside Outside en Depth of Field # 3 (2017)| Maze de Boer Archived

17 april – 12 mei 2017

In addition to Common Ground,  a second artwork by Maze de Boer was realized in the backdrop of New Dakota, called Inside Outside. This artwork takes a look at the private hidden space that is located behind the garage door. The garage is a universal and individual space on the inside and outside limits, usually withdrawn from the passers-by view. Inside Outside illuminates this space, with a blow to local industrial activity in North: what’s behind all these garage doors speaks to the imagination.

On the occasion of two art works of Maze de Boer in the open air, New Dakota and the NDSM Foundation Foundation collapsed for the development of a third temporary installation by Maze de Boer in the exhibition space of New Dakota, called Depth of Field # 3. For this occasion, New Dakota moves her main entrance to the rear where you look through the garage through an open door. A typical “mancave” where little dreams can grow into megalomania projects. For the duration of the exhibition, New Dakota took on the atmosphere and appearance of the neighboring studios that determined the look of the NDSM so beautifully. But upon entry, it appears that in this space it is mainly built on illusion and imagination that pleasantly distorts the visitor.


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