Het Veronicaschip

The famous Veronica shipping ship is moored at the NDSM pier in Amsterdam, opposite the IJ canteen, next to the Botel. A great venue for parties, for debate and culture. On 8 December 2013 the ship was officially opened by Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. The Veronicaschip is the base for radio and television makers, but there is also room for music, theater, debate, art, singing and dance.

The ship is spacious and light inside. Due to the many woods, there is a warm atmosphere in the ship. And the colorful exhibitions of imaginative artistic talents give color and add an extra dimension to the ship. There is a bar and a beautiful red dance floor. There are 2 stages in the ship, where various performances can take place.

Due to its phenomenal and multifunctional look and location, the Veronicaschip is dedicated to organizing television productions, congresses, fashion shows, corporate parties, product presentations and trainings.


Het Veronicaschip
NDSM Pier 1
1033 RG Amsterdam
[email protected]

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