The HEMA headquarters have been located in Number One at the wharf since 2010. With about 600 employees, HEMA is the largest tenant in the building. The building has a rugged appearance, inspired by the industrial wholesale buildings of the 1950s. HEMA also opened a store on the ground floor, which was a big hit right from the start. Since the store is in the same building as the headquarters, the location was perfect for testing new concepts such as store floor layouts, and so it became a pilot store. The store location makes it possible for the employees at the headquarters to stay in touch with what is happening on the store floor. Of course, this store is also for all residents living near the Number One building at the NDSM Wharf. For pens, socks and smoked hotdogs: only HEMA.

HEMA headoffice
NDSM-straat 10
1033 SB Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 311 4411


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