Ginds (2013-2021) | Jeroen Bisscheroux

GINDS (yonder, there) is an art project that is about sound, about listening. You are listening to the construction of 3000 homes that will be realized in 2030. This will change the once so industrial appearance of the Northern IJ-bank forever. The houses will be built on a historically important site: the site of the Fokker aircraft factory. 

This factory was targeted by the Allies during the Second World War so that the German occupiers could not use it. The bombs were dropped on the wrong location, resulting in the death of 159 civilians and another 119 seriously injured. 

This event has left deep traces in Amsterdam-Noord and is still commemorated annually. Some unexploded bombs are also said to have ended up around the NDSM shipyard. These have not been found to date.

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