Fatberg (2017) | Arne Hendriks & Mike Thompson Archived

Fat is one of the most iconic materials of our era. It’s associated with health, energy, beauty, ecology and consumption. It’s in our bodies, in our food, in plants and animals. But in spite of the huge role fat plays in our everyday lives, we don’t really know much about it. In fact, there’s something of a taboo about it: it’s something we prefer not to see. Designers/artists Arne Hendriks and Mike Thompson are fascinated by fat – by the material itself, but also by the ambiguity surrounding it. So in 2014 they adopted the FATBERG, a ball of pure fat that just wants to grow. Since April 2017, the FATBERG has been at the NDSM-werf, at the bottom of the old slipway.

FATBERG wants to spend the next few months growing more – but needs your help. You can become a co-owner of FATBERG, for example by collecting waste fats at home and donating them, or by buying a certificate of co-ownership. Your contribution will then be transformed into a quantity of fat. This allows us both to create a place where the concept of fat can fully reveal itself, and investigate our relationship to this substance as a community.

For more information, go to fatberg.nl.



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