Dazzle Trip (2023) | Yamuna Forzani


From 22 June to 20 August you can go on a Dazzle Trip at the NDSM wharf. This series of new artworks celebrates gender diversity in the public space and provides a glimpse into the universe of artist, designer and queer activist Yamuna Forzani. Dazzle Trip consists of several artworks spread over the NDSM wharf and beyond, on this page you can read more about various parts.


A Dazzle Ferry sails between the NDSM wharf and Amsterdam Central Station: a special GVB ferry wrapped in Dazzle wrap designed by Yamuna Forzani (partly made possible by Amsterdam Ferry Festival). The Dazzle Ferry is inspired by the Dazzle Ships used in the First World War. Intended to use abstract patterns in contrasting colors that made it more difficult for the enemy to judge the speed, distance and direction of the target. The term Dazzle also refers to the dazzling patterns that Yamuna always uses in her work. Inspired by provocative prints and graffiti influences, Forzani makes contemporary collages and graphic patterns with tags for NDSM. Those who zoom in on the patterns see references to pop culture (symbols and emojis), but also an activist attitude, such as statements such as ‘trans rights are human rights’, a statement that, according to Forzani, is about pride.


The video work that can be seen in the shipping container on the Smederijplein is a compilation of images from the Utopia Ball x Fashion Show that Yamuna (co-)organizes and for which she won the Dutch Design Awards in 2022 considering her art direction. You will also see images from her residency at Worm Rotterdam, a performance with self-made designs called Angel’s Delight. The video shares stories of diversity, acceptance and the normalization of all bodies in the public space at a location close to the ferry landing.


Dazzle Trip is a visualization of ‘planet Yamuna’, in this context a large inflatable planet called A Big Heart is placed on the shipping container where the video installation can be seen on the Smederijplein. This inflatable was previously shown during Blow Up The Hague.


On the three large NDSM Billboards scattered around NDSM, three images from Forzani’s work can be seen on massive scale. They are images from the ballrooms that Forzani has supervised and organized, performances and interventions that she has done in combination with her own (fashion) designs. With an eclectic mix of fashion, photography, performance, installation and design, Forzani explores identity, the body and femininity with these images, intertwined with a psychedelic-inspired visual language.

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