Barrier Tape (2022) – SpY Archived


With “Barrier Tape,” SpY puts an everyday urban utilitarian object – commonly used to control people’s movement – into a different perspective and uses it to create a surprising artwork that invites visitors to interact with the installation. The emphasis is on the interaction between the work and the natural elements around it.

The installation forms a vast, ever-changing surface that visitors can circle in and around. Suspended from parallel strings and moved by the wind, the ribbons sway collectively as one, generating a majestic sea-like sound and creating wave-like movement throughout the composition.

From “Barrier Tape,” SpY continues to work on a collection of sculptural installations based on objects from real, everyday life, hypnotic patterns and immersive experiences. His work questions urban landscapes, explores cities as playgrounds of imagination and creates immersive experiences where he makes visitors part of the work.

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