Binnenkort: IN TUNE | Henk Schut


IN TUNE is about finding a new balance between people and their environment by appealing to our hearing and listening abilities. Just like tuning a musical instrument, which requires the utmost listening and observation, we must continue to listen and tune in to our environment as humans.

Henk Schut has been operating at the former shipyard of NDSM for more than 20 years. Schut, known for large-scale installations such as THE VAN GOGH MILE, in which he had a red rope stretched from the Van Gogh Museum to the Hermitage in Amsterdam, is now realizing a work especially for NDSM. The sound installation IN TUNE consists of a large bronze tuning fork of 3 meters high and four horns that transmit sound from the Y-slope to the four cardinal directions. The tuning fork tunes the environment at ever-changing moments. When coming into contact with the water and the concrete of the Y slope, different sounds are produced. The sound and vibration of the fork ripple across the water, bouncing off the concrete walls and metal structures on the slope. The whole place becomes an acoustic musical instrument.

Curator Petra Heck: “The Y-slope is a special location, because this is the place where ships used to roll into the water. The view of the IJ and the city of Amsterdam from this place is unique. For Stichting NDSM-werf it is not only important that Henk Schut is an NDSM artist from the very beginning, but also that his work responds to the place, the history and the present. In addition to old myths, NDSM also needs new images and sounds to give substance to the special sense of place of NDSM.”


Henk Schut is an artist who analyzes environments, communities, historical events and current affairs with an open, curious eye. He creates spaces within a space, place or context, in which architecture and sound often play an important role. In his work Schut has for some time focused on the relationship between sound and space. With his installations, the artist is always looking for ways in which a place can be reconsidered or re-imagined through sound.

In Tune is visible at NDSM until the end of 2023, the tuning fork will sound from 9.30 – 19.00.


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