Bevrijdingsgymnastiek (2017) | Club Interbellum Archived

5 mei 2017

We live in an era of unprecedented choices and diffuse information, post-truths and alternative facts. The world of the internet is at our feet and gives us exactly the answers we want to hear, but without any determination, persuasiveness and resentment. And that while there is so much uncertainty: climate change, growing economic inequality, populist and fundamentalist forces that break our country and the world. A disturbing urgency is the master of the abdomen: What do we stand for? And what are we doing?

Do not we even have time to redefine our principles, learn our values ​​and learn from our minds? Do we have get our head out of the ICLoud and collectively stay here and now? And to connect our moral health to our physical condition, together, in the open air?

‘De bevrijdingsgymnastiek’ is based on the Nietzschean principle ‘a healthy mind, in a single body’. Together with Building Conversation, we defined five different values ​​that we all embrace. Then choreographer Valentina Campora translated with a team of professional dancers these values ​​in gymnastics exercises that the participants will jointly accomplish. The gym was rewarded with a delicious healthy Resto van Harte lunch.

‘Bevrijdingsgymnastiek’ is a concept of Building Conversation, Club Interbellum, NDSM Foundation Foundation and Valentina Campona. Made possible by the National Committee 4 and 5 May

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