From Wednesday 21 October to Sunday 25 October, the NDSM-wharf hosted a temporary project named Because the Night, which consisted of two artworks by light-artists Boris Acket and Vladimir Grafov. The light installation was an ode to ADE – the events that usually light up nightlife in Amsterdam, but in 2020 were forced to keep a bit quieter. The installation could be admired from afar, but provided a particularly impressive view up close, here at the NDSM-wharf.

The presentation Because the Night consisted of two works. Light and sound artist Boris Acket (1988), known for his light works at DGTL Festival, created the light work ‘BAKEN’. In these ambiguous times with little sense of direction, this installation – created with the help of Chris van Meer, Lumus Instruments, Ampco Flashlight, Think! AV and Van Ham Tents and Stages – showed a sign of relief, enlightenment and life. Slowly, the light moved along with the rhythm of a heartbeat, like a lighthouse. Even at large distances, the viewer could perceive this heartbeat without hearing it. As such, the work emphasized the deafening silence of ADE 2020 and provided not just the night- and festival sector but all citizens of Amsterdam with a pulse of life. The work aimed to present a soothing spot on the horizon – to be seen from various directions – but experienced up close, the viewer could actually hear this heart beat softly. The heartbeat was built specifically with the kicks (bassdrums) of some of the most used drum computers in dance music.

The second work for Because the Night was by light artist Vladimir Grafov (1964), who, in his installation ‘Invincible Sun’, used lasers to create an abstract and autonomous play of lines on the Y-Helling – the slope where ships used to roll into the IJ river. The laser lights were inextricably linked to dance parties and formed the basis for his work and visualized how, after sunset, daylight gives way to the shining night. Grafov combines science and technology to create new forms of compelling experiences in form, color and sound.

Because the Night took place in tandem to NDSM Music Digital x ADE 2020 , which organized five days of live-streamed music programs. During these five days, people could tune in, watch, listen, and socialize along to the music provided by more than 50 hours of top-notch artists, labels and new talents in house- and technomusic.

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