Amsterdam Waterfront bv

Amsterdam Waterfront is the developer of the western-most part of NDSM; situated between the IJ, the Kraanspoor and the Ms. Van Riemsdijkweg. The plans to be developed in this area cover approx. 275.000 m². The various buildings will be given different functions, such as a mix of (internationally-operating) creative enterprises, residences, leisure in the form of culture, restaurants and cafés, hotels, events, retail, education and parking.

Amsterdam Waterfront is a development consortium consisting of BMB ontwikkeling and Reggeborgh. BMB ontwikkeling is the delegated developer at the NDSM Wharf on behalf of Amsterdam Waterfront.

Contact details
BMB ontwikkeling B.V., on behalf of Amsterdam Waterfront
Rijksweg 100
1906 BK Limmen
T +31 (0)20 790 00 50
F +31 (0)72 502 4031

Here you can find directions to Amsterdam Waterfront in the Baanderij.

You can send any questions about the NDSM development to

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