Grote lichtkunst installatie van Boris Acket op NDSM tijdens Museumn8

Grand light art by Boris Acket and sound walks with Off-Track during Museum Night at NDSM

Stichting NDSM-werf and Stichting Kinetisch Noord present two site-sensitive artworks during Museumn8, which can only be seen and listened to this evening. Boris Acket creates a grand passage that plays with the notion of borders, an installation of light and sound that connects the outdoor area with the indoor space of the NDSM Warehouse. The soundscape’s echo system is fed by field recordings made around NDSM in the weeks before the event.

With music composed especially for NDSM, Off-Track adds an extra layer to the environment, the water and the monumental buildings, allowing visitors to experience NDSM in a different way through a soundwalk.

More information can be found on the event page or in our online magazine.

This installation with sound design can only be seen on November 4 during Museum Night at NDSM at the Docklands and in the NDSM Loods. In addition to the NDSM Wharf Foundation and the Kinetisch Noord Foundation, the street art museum STRAAT, theNieuw Dakota exhibition space and the Contrast restaurant will also open their doors. Together, these involved parties will present a multidisciplinary and diverse program at NDSM during Museumn8.

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