Ferry connections to NDSM indicated with new names and colors

Per 3 januari 2021 krijgen alle verbindingen van de veerpont op het IJ een nieuwe benaming. Dit geldt dus ook voor alle pontjes die van en naar de NDSM-werf varen. De originele titels zullen nog wel zichtbaar blijven, maar de voornaamste aanduidingen worden per pont versimpeld: met een kleur en een F-nummer. Zie ook onderstaande afbeelding.

As of January 3, 2021, all ferry connections that run across the IJ river have a new title. Needless to say, this applies to the ferries running to and from NDSM as well. The original titles will still be visible, but will now be indicated primarily in a new and simpler way: with a color and an F-number. For reference, see the image below.

The motivation for this adjustment is a research report recently conducted by the GVB, which showed that a significant amount of people struggles to recognize and differentiate the various ferry connections. On top of that, it turns out that foreign tourists have a hard time pronouncing the different titles, such as ‘Houthavenveer’. With titles such as F3, “it’s the same system as the metros. Those are indicated by the ‘M’ for metro, followed by a line-number and a color. It’s short but clear, and can be explained easily to everyone,” says way-finding expert Marieke Stakenburg in Het Parool.

The connection that runs between Amsterdam West’s Pontsteiger and NDSM, formerly called ‘Houthavenveer’, will now be indicated as the F7 ferry with color orange. The other ferry at NDSM, connected to Central Station, becomes the F4 ferry, colored purple. Lastly, a night ferry – taking passengers in a triangle past, respectively, Pontsteiger, Central Station and NDSM – becomes the black F5 line.

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