Ferrotopia Evening Expeditions

Ferrotopia Evening Expeditions
Ferrotopia is an art installation at the Amsterdam NDSM shipyard, a ‘gesamtskunstwerk’ and pop-up museum in one. The art installation of Atelier van Lieshout is an ode to iron (ferro = iron) and consists of a collection of characteristic buildings grouped around a central square.
Following the principle of head, heart and hands, programme-makers Joost Janmaat (Partizan Publik) and Rieke Vos (Stichting NDSM-werf) take their audiences on an expedition into the world of iron. Concrete presentations will accompany expeditions, tasting sessions, music, poetry and other arts.

Date: 6 September, 19:30-22:00
Price: €5,- / Passe-partout for 5 lectures €20,-

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6 September |the sixth sense: an evening on magnetism
Magnetism is our ‘sixth sense’. Our ability to ‘sense’ that someone is standing behind us. This is thanks to the large quantity of iron in our bodies – enough to make about 15 nails. In other species of animals – for example migratory birds – this sense is much more highly developed. During the first evening expedition, we will investigate man as mineral, the taste of iron, what we can learn from birds and how we can awaken the magnetism that lies within.

With: Dewi de Vree, Ronald van Tienhoven, Joel Broekaert

20 September | welcome to the new iron age: on cyborgs and sci-fi
With the exception of a few tribes in the Amazon and Papua New Guinea, we are still living – archeologically speaking – in the Iron Age. Iron is the material that has underpinned human progress. An evening expedition into the ferrous fantasies of Jules Verne and other futurists; time travel by metal detector through the layers of the Earth.

4 October Domestikator: an evening about bestiality
A central element of the Ferrotopia art installation is the Domestikator. This is the totem, the landmark, of the building and symbolizes the domination of homo sapiens over other animal species on the earth. This evening is about how people and animals live together in a world that is shaped by agricultural, industrial and digital revolutions. To what extent are animals just animals and humans just animals? We fantasize about dys- and utopian future scenarios: from tribal life forms to fully urbanized societies.

25 October | Take these shackles off my feet so I can dance: an evening all about material and power
Objects are silent witnesses to history. Access to particular materials has had a determinative effect on the power relations between different groups. During this evening, we will zoom in on the influence of iron and the mining industry, how these have influenced the industrial and colonial history of the Netherlands and what role this plays in the maintenance of inequality and denial of freedom. Who, historically, had the greatest access to and use of steel, and what did they do with it? And how is the situation now?

8 November | the things take over: an evening on the anvil
In the fantastic-futurist story ‘De dingen de baas’ [‘The Things Take Over’] by Belcampo, one morning the furniture seizes power from the people. In the new totalitarian regime instigated by the things, the Anvil is the leader. To close the series of evening expeditions, we will restore our relationship to things: bring your objects for a ritual crushing in the drop hammer house (and take away an original co-production with Atelier van Lieshout).

Location: NDSM-werf

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