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Treehouse winter kunstmarkt


Save the date for this year’s Winter Art Market at Treehouse NDSM!
Come and find unique gifts for your loved-ones and support local creatives! Pantings, drawings, prints, sketches, cards, scarfs, ceramic objects and more will be sold for an affordable price, all while you enjoy performances by our musicians-in-residence, some gluwijn and delicious vegan food.
Our Winter Art Market will also be hosting a Pop-Up Bookshop by Het Moet Publishing. They will sell everything they have in store, their latest (letterpress printed!) poetry, prose and non-fiction publications, mostly in Dutch, others in French, Spanish or English, as well as discounted titles, second hand books and more!
Artists selling their work at the Winter Art Market:
– SATURDAY 17TH: Rika Maja DuevelHetMoet PublishingAsaf LewkowitzEsther KinKris Gonzalez-Iskerka Tattoo, Samer Aleid, Ali Mohamad, Nevana and Blinging Smiles and Asbest Pentagram
– SUNDAY 18TH: Rose Wildsmith, Rachelle Meyer, Esther Kin, Asaf Lewkowitz, Judith SegersLies Aris, Kris Gonzalez-Iskerka Tattoo, HetMoet Publishing, Yuk Lin ManOssa Kierkegaard, Rika Maja Duevel, Samer Aleid, Ali Mohamad, The House Plant and Blinging Smiles, Vegan Bear Chef and Asbest Pentagram.

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