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Artist and filmmaker Guido van der Werve wondered what it would be like if we built the Tower of Babel today, with just as many people with different backgrounds and voices as possible. Together with TAAK and several architects, artists and city makers, we developed this idea into an architectural installation on the NDSM Wharf. From May 5, Phase 2 can be seen: the tower is in scaffolding, to indicate that it is still a work in progress.

With the help of various workshops for Amsterdammers, artists Bengin Dawod, Mick La Rock, Perrine Philomeen, Tina Lenz, Fouad Lakbir, Brendan Jan Walsh, Rianne van Duin and Olfa Ben Ali created the building blocks for their ideal city. The different building elements were translated into visual outcomes that were given a place in the tower. Thus, the Tower of Babel became a metaphor for what the ideal multi-voiced city could look like. The videos and libretto can be seen in phase 2 of the Tower of Babel.

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