This Mobile Art Gym @NDSM

As a warm up for This Art Fair, This Moble Art Gym will be on the NDSM wharf on the 6th August!

Two weeks before This Art Fair, a mobile art exhibition in the back of a truck drives through the seven districts of Amsterdam. This Mobile Art Gym is a literal warming up for the art fair. In this cultural gym with work by participants of This Art Fair, the creative brain is trained by viewing and making art.

The project in the run-up to the art fair shows that art does not have to be elitist, difficult or inaccessible. That you don’t necessarily have to go to a gallery or museum to view and buy art, but that art can just as easily be seen in a truck on a square in Nieuw-West or in the middle of a park in South.

This Mobile Art Gym is more than just a moving exhibition. Artists Pip Passchier and Maarten Bel challenge visitors of all ages to train their right brain. They also provide a free education program where children aged 6 to 12 can develop their creativity.

Practical information

This Mobile Art Gym can be found on 6 August at the NDSM wharf under the container arch next to café IJver on the Docklands. Access to the program is free. Press the button below for more information about This Mobiel Art Gym and This Art Fair.


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