The power of collaboration


The Power of Collaboration, the second month-long exhibition at new Pavilion at Treehouse, features 9 works by local artists that reflect on the immense potential -and nuances- of collective thought and action, as well as a series of lectures and workshops.

The Power of Collaborationattempts to move away from the focus on the individual and reflect on the huge network of connections and interactions at the base of any transformative action. Within a community (be that human, more-than-human or both), members collaborate for protection, nutrition, or just for help to get around. Even the smallest cooperation can have enormous implications, driving the vital force of change needed to tackle the most urgent issues.

But these exchanges do not occur without tension. How do we navigate the strain between individuality and collectivity? What are the boundaries that we set for ourselves or are set for us? What are the conditions for real dialogue to take place? If we really defy anthropocentric narratives based on domination, what would true interspecies cohabitation look like?

Opening hous:

Thursday – Sunda: 12.00 – 18.00


What surrounds you every day? Which traces are you leaving? Feeling present by listening is a fundamental awareness to start taking response-ability, care for any collaboration. Listening to our surroundings, from our physical to our mental space. What is the connection to the future past and present of NDSM, can we develop our presence to it? With this in mind artist Margot Domart created a soundwalk named “Collective Cycle” throughout the whole NDSM wharf to which ou can also make an artistic contribution!

Curious about how? Check the link below for moe infomation.

The Power Of Collaboration

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