The Place over the Passage

I believe that every material (be it an object, a place or a concept) has a consciousness; not necessarily a soul or a spirit, like ours, but an awareness of itself, with a particular size, shape and density, with its own history. Together we build a relationship, we adapt to one another, take on each others attributes and characteristics, permitting things to gather and form rather than imposing an order.
This way, the work becomes a meeting place; a place where object and subject are treated with the same respect, unfolding a network of meanings and associations, celebrating the visitors themselves, giving them the most important role so that they can participate and complete the work.

The place of our destination, becomes the place of our departure

Giorgos Gripeos

Performance-installation artist Giorgos Gripeos will transform the white cube of Nieuw Dakota into an active multimedia stage. The exhibitions walls of Nieuw Dakota, which are movable, will be shaked and stacked, resulting in an architectonic installation with a height of 5 meters and functioning as a starting point for many connections, with the public space, the history of the NDSM wharf, the audience and with other places in the world, including the Greek port town Piraeus.

On the 14th of July a marathon reading of Homerus’ Odyssee will take place. Two hundred participants will all read a passage of the book in his or her own language. The reading will take about 10 hours and is going to be live streamed on the ferry between the NDSM and Westerdoksdijk. The Homerus’ reading is a collaboration with the International Readers of Homer and Over ‘t IJ Festival. The Genetic Choir will make live music.

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