The Hunger, feed the hungry feast | Rombout Oomen

Inspiration is a hungry beast. It needs to be fed to satisfy its hunger. Again and again. The hunger is also the urge to move forward. It is the urge of Rombout Oomen for more, for better. But there is also another side to this story: it’s about desire. The desire to reach spiritual goals and creative ideals.

That is what makes The Hunger, feed the hungry feast  grand and expressive, but vulnerable and intimate at the same time. There has never been a large retrospective devoted to his body of works. Until now. His body of works can be intimidating and confronting, but at the same time the attraction is simply irresistible.

This exhibition is a party of unbridled expression, but also a personal reflection of the artist’s wishes and fears. Those who know the bacchanal well also read the lines in the diary and see how desire rises from anger. Just take a good look at the euphoric artworks and his erotic drawings.
The surrealistic scenery of NDSM Fuse suits surprisingly well with the themes of Rombout Oomen. The location has been transformed into a symbiosis of a gallery and a theatre, to create a stimulating and incomparable experience.
Welcome to the feast!

Opening times: Thursday till Sunday, 13:00 – 17:00

Guided tours on appointment: [email protected]

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