Swaeny Nina | Artist in Residence

The new artist-in-residence is Swaeny Nina Kersaan. She developed a chatbot especially for NDSM Nursery Square that can be fed with information from visitors. It is a digital host that is hospitable and takes care of you. You can chat with the digital (g)host, ask it for information, but at the same time you feed the host with new information. Both in the form of a host and in the form of a parasite, the bot will deal with contradictions such as hospitality or hostility, comfort or discomfort, care or carefreeness. These are all terms that resound when you think of the NDSM, the city or virtual space. Who is the host, and who is the parasite at the NDSM? Check the website to see when the NDSM bot is active and come and chat to hear the HOST and provide it with new information! Do we turn the chatbot into a host, ghost or parasite? How do we make it more intelligent? Please note that some conversations will return to the digital domain in the form of instagram [guest] HOST [ghost] stories.

#The chatbot is trained by data from the internet (Google review hits for: ‘NDSM’, Twitter post #ndsm, Instagram #ndsm), texts about the NDSM and data from the artist (about chatbots, the internet, and public space) and everyone who enters into conversation with the chatbot.

Chat with Host

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