Summer in Ferrotopia: Ferrotopia x De Amsterdamse Steek

Knitting is craftmanship. A profession which you have to start at a young age and what, after a lot of kilometers of knitting, only gives a good thread tension. As a knit of every level you can enjoy your knitting and come to one of the tables to go to work yourself. The best knitters walk around that week to help or advise.

You can register for one or more of the organized activities or programs by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


Sunday, August 5; 10:00-17:00
12:00-14:00. workshop; Bun Knitting.
All you need to bring are your knitting needles (3 mm), we provide pattern, material and a lesson with handouts and a cup of coffee + simple breakfast. Always place for new participants who also want to experience what knitting is now.

25, – p.p.

14:30-17:30; Knitting 16 ways of tricot.
An investigation into the anatomy of the knitting stitch. If you really want to understand what a knitting stitch does and want to study THREE hours in 1 stitch, this is the program for you. Please bring; knitting needles 3 mm.

Price; 35, – including material and handout.

Monday, August 6; 12:00- 17:30
12:00-14:00; lesson 1 Knitting Haute Couture (max 6 participants).
Knit a cardigan in your own size. This program runs over 5 mornings. If you want to participate, please attend all five lessons.
More information and registration:
14:00-16:00; How can the work of Joep van Lieshout inspire knitters?
Our knitting academy is surrounded the special work of Atelier van Lieshout. Please bring; camera, pen and paper, sketchpad, needle 3 mm.

Price; 25, – including material

Tuesday, August 7; 12.00- 22.00
12:00-14:00; lesson 2 haute Couture knitting (continuation of lesson 1)
Tailor-made knitting of a cardigan. Continuous program; see Monday,

August 6. 14:00-16:00; knit shadow
A knitting technique where you have to look from a certain angle to see the image. Please bring; knitting needles 3 mm

Price; 25, – Inclusive; pattern, handout and material

16:00-18:00; Knitting with the Pythagorean theorem
How can the Pythagorean theorem help you to calculate the angles of inclination of your knitted scarf? Please bring; 2 sets of knitting needles 3 mm + circular needle (60 or 80 cm) of 3 mm, calculator, triangular, graph paper and pencil.

Price; 25, – Including; pattern, handout and material

19:00- 22:00 Sunset knitting
Please bring; 2 sets of knitting needles 3 mm, camera, sketch paper and pencil, colored pencils

Price; 25, – Including; material

Wednesday, August 8; 12:00-18:00
12:00-14:00; Lesson 3 haute Couture knitting (continued on lesson 1 and 2)

12.00-18.00; Making a mini-booklet of fibers and materials.
A real “in depth” material research. While you get information about the different materials and fibers for handknitting, you’ll knit a mini sample book with your favorite materials to always carry in your bag and use it in the store when choosing new clothes.
While Maartje takes you through the knitting of the samples, Froukje is ready to teach you how to spin so that you can make a sample of unusual and not yet existing combinations. Please bring: if you have a spinning roll, camera, knitting needles 3,5 and 4 mm, from your own stock 2 or 3 balls of yarn in white / undyed color.

Price; 45, – Includes: materials and handouts.

15:00-16:00; Breiacademie for children of all ages.
A real knitting academy for children of all levels. Experienced knitters or absolute beginners, 5 years or 15 years, it doesn’t matter. We just want to know that you are coming, how old you are and what is the last thing you have knitted. This way we can connect well with your level. Please bring: knitting needles 4 mm

Price; 12.50 Including; material

Thursday, August 9; 10:00-18:00
12.00-14.00; Lesson 4 Haute Couture knitting (continuation of lessons 1,2 and 3)

10.00-18.00; Paint workshop with hand knitters (only by invitation)

Friday, August 10; 10.00-18.00
12.00-14.00; Lesson 5 haute Couture knitting (continuation of lessons 1,2, 3 and 4)

14.00-18.00; Open workshop and first aid for breion successes.
Especially intended for young designers who want to use hand knitting in their collection. During this workshop we will connect you with well-trained hand knitters with a lot of knowledge. We go to work one-on-one during this workshop with your specific questions. Please bring; own preparation and questions.

Price; 7.50

Saturday, August 11; 10:00-17:00

12:00-14:00; Knitting lessons for beginners, or for knitters who want to learn to pick stitches from knitwear.
You have to be able to set up, cut off and knit right. Please bring; Knitting needles 3,3 or 4 mm.

Price; 25, – Including material, pattern and handouts

14:00-16:00; Geesje knitting.
Did you miss r? The pattern of Geesje made by Els Koppenol? This meeting will get you another chance. Includes pattern and material. Please bring; 8 knitting needles 2,5 (DPN), scissors and darning needle

Price; 35, –

16:00-17:00; Knitting Academy for children of all ages.
We would like to know how old you are and what you last knitted. Please bring; knitting needles 3,5 or 4 mm (or your knitting on which the wednesday started)

Price; 12.50 Including; material and pattern

Sunday 12 August 10:00-17:00
10:00-17:00 Open workshop for designers who want to include hand knitting in their collection.
Here you work with a number of very specialized hand knitters on your questions. This workshop is open to all students who have followed or continue to follow the Haute Couture program. Please bring; own preparation, knitting and questions

Price; 7.50

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