Unsettled Tensions

With the project Start-up New Dakota offers a new generation of ambitious and innovative artists an annual opportunity to make their debut. This fourth edition is honored by alumni of the photography department of the AKV | St.Joost Master Institute in Den Bosch. Under the inspiring leadership of the visual artist and MA teacher Martine Stig, Unsettled Tensions shows the work of Corine Aalvanger (NL), Aubane Berthommé Martinez (FR), Daleen Bloemers (NL), Daan Muller (NL) and Kim Nuijen (NL). Eric Patel (USA) and Rik Schutte (NL).

The starting point for the exhibition is the text ‘Society of the Spectacle’ by Guy Debord from 1967. This French situationist critically explains social contradictions. His work is an indictment against the Spectacle that he regards as the beating heart of Western consumer society. In this spectacle, the real reality has been exchanged for an apparent reality and the human being transformed into a passive spectator, buried under a ceaseless stream of images and seductive reflections. Debord warned against alienation as a result of a complex production and labor process. As the ultimate subversive act against this false reality, he called for never to work again.

Individualization and commodification of our lives on social media, performance pressure at work and the desire for profit and growth; With Unsettled Tensions, the artists investigate the contemporary spectacle society by demystifying it and questioning its symptoms of stress, alienation, fatalism and uncertainty.

Opening: Sunday 27 January 16:00 – 18:00
Exhibition: 27 January – 24 February

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