Sexy Daydreams About Going Home

“Like ultraviolet rays, memory shows man in the book of life, a script that invisibly and prophetically glosses the text.” – Walter Benjamin

This exhibition sheds the light on the romanticisation of memories and the illusion of erasing your sins by going home or to new places. Even with a metamorphosis of yourself, the true core will always remain. Nowadays, there is an ever-seducing craving for escapism and the illusion that leaving will result into absolute novelty. It’s tempting to believe in a spontanenous catharsis by simply deleting the past and dreaming of newness. We are addicted to the ecstatic moment with its novelty and we always leave the ritual with the aim to become a new magical person in thecollective. Yet, a god-like experience will only occur within your body you can’t escape.

Tonight we want to express this romanticisation of novelty and embrace the unfiltered self along with its real memories.

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