Sebastian Masuda / Escape from Anonymous(e)

Japanese Artist-in-Residence Sebastian Masuda

During the months October and November 2017 Sebastian Masuda, one of Japans most famous artists and founder of the Harajuku Kawaii culture in Japan, is staying at the NDSM shipyard as an Artist-in-Residence. In collaboration with NDSM and Amsterdam based artisans, artists, designers, videographers and musicians, he will work on a site-specific performance and installation under the titel: ‘Escape from Anonymous(e)’.

The performance will be shown on the Y Helling at sunset on Saturday November 18. Sebastian Sebastian Masuda is born in 1970, Chiba Japan and is aTokyo based artist. In 1995 he founded the iconic fashion shop in Harajuku called 6%DOKIDOKI and is worldwide known as the founder of Harajuku Kawaii culture. Sebastian was born deaf and disable to hear clearly until 5 years old. This period made him keen for colors. By the age of 20 Sebastian met Shuji Terayama (1935-1983), the most avant-garde Japanese poet, dramatist, writer, film director and photographer. Sebastian worked on several performing art projects before he started his own theater and brands. In 2014 he made his debut as an artist with a solo exhibition in Chelsea, New York. Since then he has worked on his own projects in art, performing art, entertainment and fashion, in which he considers featuring colors close to current social issues.

Artist-in-Residence NDSM Sebastian will be working and living at the NDSM from beginning of October to the end of November 2017. The NDSM artisans and artists he met through Eva in preparation of his residency have given him such a big inspiration that they are the driving force for Sebastian to create a new and challenging art performance titled ‘Escape from Anonymous(e)’. The performance is a collaboration with NDSM based companies Woodies at Berlin, Frits Snijders Blokloods, Stichting Kolibrie, Street Art Today, Stichting NDSM-werf, Stichting Kinetisch Noord, Stichting NDSM Open, and also with Amsterdam based fashion designers Bas Kosters en Bonne Reijn,Hetty van Bommel/Convoi Exceptionnel and last but not least the popular music band Canshaker Pi. By sharing his concept with them, Sebastian’s art piece is organically growing and taking shape.

Performance and workshops The performance ‘Escape from Anonymous(e)’ will be shown on November 18 from 16.30 hrs at the monumental Y Helling.


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