Press to Impress


GWA|NDSM PRINT is the graphic lab for letterpress, bookbinding and graphic art, based in Amsterdam Noord. The workshop is open to everyone who wants to (learn how to) work with the antique presses and all the materials that come with it. We offer courses and workshops in typesetting, bookbinding, linocut and etching and welcome artists to use the space for their own projects. GWA was foundedĀ  in 2004 in de Molukkenstraat in the east of Amsterdam and in 2021 moved, together with 8000 kilos of presses and type to the north side of the IJ.

In this exhibition GWA presents herself as new kid in town in the NDSM loods, and invites everyone to join the graphic community.

Get away from your computer and come to make a print on of our small presses, take part in the mega-linocut or wait for inspiration in the poetical waitingroom.

[NDSM FUSE is only open from Thursday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 18:00]


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