PLLEK LIVE STAGE | Guiss Guiss Bou Bess

PLLEK LIVE STAGE presents: A Night of Discovery

Line up

Guiss Guiss Bou Bess (Electro Sabar)
DJ Prace (Dubnova)

STUDENT & CJP: €5,00
Price at the door: €12,50 (if available)

– – –

Guiss Guiss Bou Bess is the fusion of two artists and their artistic worlds. Mara Seck (Senegal) & Ste? Phane Costantini (France) build bridges between electronic music and African music – especially the genres Sabar (Senegalese traditional percussion) and Mbalax (popular movement in Senegal). With this musical crossover they strive to export the rhythms, the culture and the identity of Senegal and make them accessible to everyone. They call their music Electro Sabar.

/// PRACE (DJ) ///
Prace combines the best of different musical cultures to bring together the beauty of the world in a custom created style that he calls Dubnova. Latin rhythms with a dub-style baseline and electronic sounds combined with organic elements.

– – –

Pllek Live Stage is the concept of pllek for adventurous music lovers with two striking live acts and a DJ set. Stubborn artists who bridge the gap between non-western genres and (live) electronics. An exotic, unexpected evening with live music on the dance floor. Pllek Live Stage is a night of discovery.

Come and have a drink, enjoy talent from home and abroad and be surprised! Hungry? Eat a snack in our restaurant beforehand. Guests who have dined with us receive a 50% discount on the door price – provided tickets are available at the door. (Reservations can be made online via

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