Pllek Live Stage Summer Specials | Afrogrooves

This summer we are organizing a series of outdoor concerts on the city beach near Pllek. Right in the sun, feet in the sand, views over the clear water and of course the incomparable, sultry sunsets. You would almost think that you are on vacation.

TIME 16:00 – 17:00


Afrogrooves is a growing community of people with great love and curiosity for West-African music. During open jam sessions hosted by Mark Oomen (Zitakula) the mesmerizing vibrations of afrobeat, afrofunk and highlife are explored and celebrated. The sessions start with a prepared repertoire played by an ensemble of drums, percussion, bass guitar, guitar, keys, horns and vocals. After the opening session, the stage is inviting music lovers of any flavour and instruments of all kinds, from violins, doun douns, steel drum, oud, flute to ngoni. Hyped by the energizing moves of the audience, together we create seductive, hypnotizing and colourful live improvisations.

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