O S C A R | Arno Schuitemaker


On The Inside is proud to announce O S C A R by Arno Schuitemaker. O S C A R is both a performance and an installation merging three dancers’ movements that establish a direct relationship with the audience. Together, they use the space, a mirroring floor, and countless shadows to create a transparent, liminal world. In this intimate and personal work, Arno Schuitemaker’s gives a unique perspective on the idea of a portrait, acknowledging what makes us distinct from each other and the ways we are bound together.

Daring, tender, and propulsive, O S C A R unites embodied journeys of freedom and empowerment. This performance emulates the body as the starting point. Within its movement language and rhythm, the boundaries between ‘poetic’ dance and ‘earthly’ science are invariably sought.

The result is a powerful interplay of light, sound, and dance bodies. You can see O S C A R November 11th and 12th from 20:30 until 21:40. More info and tickets can be found in via the link below.

On The Inside - O S C A R

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