[ON HOLD] Tales of Light & Matter BY Tiago Sá da Costa | EXHIBITION

Tales of Light & Matter presents a narrative through a series of art installations, that live between art and design; a narrative where Material, Form and Light interact.

The materials are explored with unique craftsmanship and ingenuity to unfold sculptural objects that manipulate light as it reflects and refracts upon the surfaces – a dialogue between sensation, ethereal, control and balance. Inspired by Nature and Geometry, connecting space, time and matter.

In Tales of Light & Matter, the visitors can see playful contrasts between warm and cold, soft and hard, light and shadow. The project invites the audience to embark on a journey, away from the current social isolation and present cold and gloomy times, to be immersed within an atmosphere of warmth and wonder.

This exhibition is currently on hold. As the length and extent of covid restrictions in the coming period remain unclear for now, we can only announce the exact dates of this exhibition once it is certain that museums will reopen again.



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