[ON HOLD] NDSM Expo IX; RE…..2020…2021; Het circulaire streven | EXHIBITION

We are used to thinking linearly – cause and effect – and do not realize that we and our objects are subject to the same laws of change, growth and decay that apply in the surrounding nature. This way of thinking has caused problems for us and our environment.

The way to cope with today’s problems is to transform our way of thinking into a circular way of thinking: realizing that everything is connected to everything in one big system.

That means more efficient production processes so that fewer raw materials are needed. Making as much use as possible of sustainable, renewable, inexhaustible and generally available resources and developing new production methods and designing new products in a circular manner.

It has always been the idea that the artist is the first to sense changes in society and with his art provides a critical view, pushes boundaries and breaks taboos The art world in particular could be progressive and innovative when it comes to the concept of circular economy. Art can visualize social problems, create a sense of wonder and show the beauty and richness around us. Art can play an important role in the transition to a sustainable world.

Many contemporary artists use recycled materials, such as waste or they work with vegetable materials that are biodegradable. What else does the artist have to offer to set an example for the future? In this exhibition we want to show the contribution of the artists in the process towards a circular economy.

Curator: Ellen Klijzing

Artists: Aat Dirks, Eef van der Meer, Henk Loorbach, Simone Boon, Helena Kaori Maeda, Rika Majal Duevel, Marc Koolen, Sara Effen, Esther Kin, Nanny Kok, Chris Teerink, Fernanda Gil, Bas Kosters, Sarah Payton, Ellen Klijzing , Emile le Brun, Wilbert Verhaak, Femke Moedt, Brett Clouser, Pieter Post, Allard Boterbrood, Rinzo, Monique Jansen, Regina Rorije, Carine Beelen, Helene Min, Hanneke de Munck

This exhibition is currently on hold. As the length and extent of covid restrictions in the coming period remain unclear for now, we can only announce the exact dates of this exhibition once it is certain that museums will reopen again.


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