NOVEL Zouk Special | Digital Zandoli 2 Release Party


After a great South Africa Special we continue by highlighting a sound from another part of the world: Zouk. Zouk means “Party” in the Antilian Creole language.

In the 1980s, zouk was a soundtrack to life for many people in the French West Indies, the tropical islands Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Saint Martin. The style, which drew inspiration from funk, boogie, Latin and African music, could be heard blaring out of public buses driving around the region’s islands. It was also played at parties, called tans, where two main dance styles emerged: zouk béton, which was quick and cheery, and zouk love, which was slow and sultry. The music from this era is captured on Digital Zandoli, a compilation put together by two diggers, Julien Achard and Nicolas Skliris, for the French label Heavenly Sweetness. We are proud to present the release party for the second compilation of Digital Zandoli at Pllek on the 11th of November. Tropical vibes in the cold and rainy Fall season.

Digtal Zandoli:

Julien Achard & Nico Skliris (Digital Zandoli, Digger’s Digest)
Anèl (NOVEL Amsterdam) & Iggy P (Up Down).

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