Noord, De Staat van de Straat


In North, the State of the Street, the artist duo J&B shows their love for the streets of Amsterdam North: it’s inhabitants, sounds, opinions, its development and creativity. The street is alive! The visitor will enter an immersive installation and be surrounded and questioned by all the (trans)local expressions, ideas, feelings, sounds and issues that characterize the North district. Together with schoolchildren the artists explored the streets and collected all the opinions and expressions, such as stickers, posters, graffiti and banners. This collection is shown on an interactive and alternative map of Amsterdam North which will be in a constant state of flux– like the public space itself. Many new artworks were created as well. The found material has been transformed into sharp concepts and compositions, based on video, paintings and sculptures, all part of a spectacular multimedia installation that will be shown in Nieuw Dakota from May 13 until June 24. 

Opening: Sunday May 13,  4-6 pm

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