[ON HOLD] Nieuw Dakotas Moving Walls 2010-2020

10 December – 14 February
Press opening: Wednesday 9 December 15:00 – 18:00h

Starring: Martha Atienza, Vincent Boschma, Henk Schut, Sevilay Maria en Irina Birger

At the end of an eventful year, Nieuw Dakota celebrates its tenth anniversary. We look back and forward. Nieuw Dakota does this with a special anniversary program and in collaboration with artists and partner BeamSystems/BeamLab. A selection of videos, installations and performances offer a poetic and stilled view of a tilting world.

Silent sounds ring near and far. Young men off the coast of a Filipino island keep their heads above water. The water rises visibly, just as fast as we do, invisibly. Circles disturb the regularity. The face of the other speaks in countless flavours. Do we know the minuscule swerve that controls the mighty cogwheel of natural laws?

Nieuw Dakota creates space, moves walls, moves mountains and moves people. With art, we explore ourselves, each other and the world.

Nieuw Dakota invites you – and needs you!

Martha Atienza 1981 / PH / NL: Equation of state 

Vincent Boschma 1976 / NL: The Opposite Ends of a Continuum

Sevilay Maria / NL: #MYOWNGENDER

Henk Schut / NL: Constructed Silence

Irina Birger / NL: Dr. Birger by Appointment


Dr.Birger by Appointment is a series of conversations and character sessions in an installation setting. This time the dialogues with Dr. Birger will focus on isolation, connectivity and interdependency. Dr. Birger will visualize the conversations with visitors, taking her own feelings and actions into account in the drawings she makes during the conversation.

Dr. Birger can be viewed as an installation during the opening hours of Nieuw Dakota. The one-on-one conversations take place every Saturday between 12.00 and 18.00 by appointment. Date and time can be booked via dr.birger@nieuwdakota.com. During the press opening, Dr. Birger will be present once on Wednesday. Each appointment has a duration of approximately 30 minutes. Participants will have the opportunity to buy the drawing afterwards.

Rio (2007) lounge chair by Elena Goray is part of the installation.
Dr. Birger’s outfit is made by Evita Ative and photographed by Marcel van der Vlugt.

Dr. Birger is an alter ego of artist Irina Birger.


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