NDSM Music Digital x ADE 2020

NDSM Music broadcasts its program live on stream with Amsterdam Dance Event 2020. Over 50 hours of top artists, labels and the latest talent, in house and techno music in 5 days. Because of the new measures, they organise COVID-19 proof digital dance parties by video conferences worldwide.

NDSM Music Studios is an official ADE live streaming venue. Their permanent DJ-booth is located in a raw, concrete monumental shipyard in the NDSM area. One of the 20 coolest neighborhoods in the world according to Timeout. NDSM Music is a young (2019) music company with a TV music studio, a record label, creative crew and events. Founder Pieter van Oordt: “My goal is to build a community where artists and visual artists can express themselves in total creative freedom. I want to make this music and art accessible to a socially and culturally diverse audience. More and more makers and enthusiasts are brought together through our network and digital platform. Due to COVID-19, we cannot have people dancing in our studio. So we organize interactive video parties for electronic music lovers. This way they can still dance together on sets by ADE artists and exchange digital hugs. “

During the five days of Amsterdam Dance Event, NDSM Music hosts showcases from labels, including; Click Records, Infinite Depth, Rose Flower, Chrom and Pursuit and top artists, including; Rob Hes, Noraj Cue, Senses of Mind, Stefano Richetta, Arjuna Schiks, MiniTech Project, Frank Kvitta, MATTH, Tom Zeta, San Proper, Jaden Raxel, KRAUT and more.

NDSM Music brings its worldwide followers together while dancing, by combining the livestream with COVID-19 proof video parties. You dance alone or with your household and yet you dance together. All over the world, followers of electronic music will be encouraged to participate in the Digital Dance Parties.
The events are on Facebook and the artists are streamed under professional direction from the concrete, monumental Y-ramp on the NDSM Sessions website and YouTube page .

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