NDSM Light | De Vrijmibo Tour


With the dark winter months approaching, Stichting NDSM-werf presents three temporary light artworks on the site this November during the exhibition NDSM Light. With their light works, artists belit sağ, Cosimo Scotucci and Romain Tardy literally and figuratively illuminate matters that are not (under)exposed and have developed special works for NDSM.

On Friday 25 November we are organizing a special, freely accessible Friday Afternoon Tour for interested parties, local residents, people who work at NDSM and friends of the wharf. An opportunity to walk along the light works together while enjoying a drink and to hear more about the sources of inspiration and background of the works.

What can you expect?

Studio Nepco, an internationally operating Amsterdam performance collective specialized in fantastic costumes, takes you along the route of the light works. Artist Cosimo Scotucci (from the STARS project), Kübra Terzi (involved in the An-sisters [NDSM] project) and curator Petra Heck will be there to tell you about the inspiration behind the projects and answer questions. Will we see you (with your friends, family and/or colleagues) on November 25th? We will be starting at 17:30 at Smederijplein (square next to the ferry landing).

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