NDSM Get Lost I

The cultural parties on NDSM are joining forces for a new monthly event: NDSM Get Lost. Every last Thursday evening of the month, several cultural organizations open their doors and show visitors the beautiful things NDSM has to offer.

Exactly which parties are participating changes from month to month. Follow our social channels, or sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

Participating in this first edition are:

Treehouse NDSM, GWA / NDSM Print, NDSM Fuse  en Nieuw Dakota.


Nieuw Dakota: Tolerance Test

Charlotte Schleiffert’s fantasy creatures have gathered in a circle. Is this a ritual performance, a fraternising gathering, or will it end in a murderous brawl? 

The exhibition Tolerance Test brings the monumental drawings of Schleiffert to life with light and sound. 

In these large drawings – some more than 3.5 metres high – erratic and flamboyant human-animal beings depict current social themes such as inequality, power, mass media, consumerism, eroticism, status and identity. 

The group portrait shows us the dynamics that make and break society: a power game that makes our world so fascinating, inspiring and at the same time so treacherous. With this tolerance test, we can ask ourselves how far we want to engage with the injustice and inequality demonstrated by Schleiffert’s fantasy figures – or are they just people?

Tolerance Test (nieuwdakota.com)

Treehouse NDSM: PoeTree-House

During NDSM ‘Get Lost’, come step into our PoeTree-House and (re)discover poetry. Engage or find comfort and inspiration in words, music, visuals and soundscapes. In collaboration with Shira Wolfe and Laslo Antal, join HetMoet Publishers for an immersive experience.

Shira Wolfe is a Dutch-American poet and writer who lives and works between Belgrade, Amsterdam and Berlin. She is a regular contributor to Artland Magazine, where she writes about the contemporary art world and art history, and also works for the poetry foundation Perdu in Amsterdam.

Laslo Antal is a Hungarian-Serbian visual artist, designer, filmmaker and musician based in Berlin.Since finishing his studies, he has worked as a visual artist, cinematographer, composer and editor for the avant-garde theatre company Vinge-Müller, and as a musician, filmmaker and visual artist with his music projects Sixth June and Diesein, creating the full visual identity as well as composing the music for both projects.

Cultural partners on NDSM: Ateliers X-helling, Beautiful distress, De Kunststad, MACA, NDSM Fuse, NDSM Herleeft, NDSM Print, NDSM Theater, Nieuw Dakota, Over Het IJ, Project Space On The Inside, Stichting NDSM-werf, STRAAT museum, Treehouse NDSM. On all locations there will be a map available. You can also download it here:

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