NDSM Get Lost


Exactly which parties are participating changes from month to month. New Dakota and Treehouse will participate in the upcoming edition. At Nieuw Dakota you can come and see the brand new exhibition ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’, and Treehouse organizes the first edition of HetMoet Gezegd : an open mic evening in which young writers claim the stage to share stories that need to be told. Enough to do! Follow our social channels, or sign up for the newsletter to stay informed. Plenty of awesome art to see! Follow our social channels, or sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

A map of the NDSM-wharf and al its cultural partners can be downloaded via the button below. Check out also the bottom of this page for the upcoming editions of NDSM Get Lost!

Cultural partners on NDSM: Ateliers X-helling, Beautiful distress, De Kunststad, MACA, NDSM Fuse, NDSM Herleeft, NDSM Print, NDSM Theater, Nieuw Dakota, Over Het IJ, Project Space On The Inside, Stichting NDSM-werf, STRAAT museum, Treehouse NDSM, Door Open Space. On all locations there will be a map available. You can also download it here:

Download map

Edities 2023:


  • 23 februari
  • 30 maart
  • vervalt vanwege NDSM Vrijhaven 27 april
  • 25 mei
  • 29 juni
  • 27 juli
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