Participating artists and organisations:
Esther Kin, Beta Architecten, Pascal Ontijd, Monique Jansen, Wilbert Verhaak, Sarah Payton, Kaori, Balthasar Prinsen, Marc Koolen, St. NDSM werf, Sociëteit Sexyland, Michiel Voet, Vereniging de Toekomst, Jeroen Bisscheroux, Robert Admiraal, Ellen Klijzing, Pieter Post, Rinzo.

The NDSM area is, and has been since the establishment of artists in the north of Amsterdam, strongly future-oriented. That is a healthy attitude as systems that focus on the past tend to get stuck in their own present

The future of the NDSM-Wharf has been rather uncertain in recent years. The art community has experienced quite a lot of not-so-positive encounters with the so-called Big Money companies. Though this certainly helped the community to grow and was in itself a sort of coming of age experience, it also caused permanent suspicion and distrust, which appears an ineradicable weed, towards just about everything that reeks of money and public development.
Ultimately the most important objective of the community was achieved: the acquisition of the warehouse, so that artists can also be assured of a good and affordable workplace now and in the future.
Incidentally, according to municipal insights, the artist community of the NDSM wharf itself has completely failed. But that aside

And now the area outside our reserve is catching up with time: high-rise buildings, mega-supermarkets, top-location. Top Prices, Top View, and probably Top Residents as well. Who will, no doubt, be greeted with Top Suspicion.

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