NDSM Culture Crawl 11 juli

On July 11th from 11 am to 5 pm, the cultural partners of NDSM* are organizing the NDSM Culture Crawl, because we are open again, which is definitely something ot celebrate!

The NDSM Culture Crawl is a collective “open doors” moment in which visitors can take a look inside the cultural institutions of the NDSM wharf. Using a map that will be distributed and spread out throughout the yard on the 11th of July, visitors can take a walk along the various cultural partners. On this page you can also find questions about the relevant cultural institutions, with which you can earn some goodies with a good answer from the visitor! A real cultural treasure hunt, don’t miss it and come and have a look July 11th!

*De culturele partners van de NDSM-werf: Ateliers X-helling, Beautiful distress, De Kunststad, MACA, NDSM Fuse, NDSM Herleeft, NDSM Print, NDSM Theater, Nieuw Dakota, Over Het IJ, Project Space On The Inside, Stichting NDSM-werf, STRAAT museum, Treehouse NDSM

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