Museum Voor Onbedoelde Kunst | Outdoor Exhibition

To be seen until at least the end of February 2021 at NDSM: the Museum for Unintentional Art (‘Museum voor Onbedoelde Kunst’ / MOK). The MOK is a museum in the outdoor space that does not place the artist on a pedestal, but the visitor and his imagination. The exhibition takes you past 22 unintentional artworks that they have found scattered around the shipyard.

The MOK contains many ingredients of a fully-fledged museum. There is a gift shop, an info desk, and the works are accompanied by signs with a QR-code connected to the audio tour. The only thing missing is the ‘white cube’. The MOK uses the frameworks of the museum to let the visitor look at the outside world in the same regard. It challenges the visitor and excites them. Art museums do that through artists, the MOK does that with existing objects and invented art histories. The MOK questions the institution of the museum, but it is also an ode to the museum as an important establishment within our society.

Last summer, Stichting NDSM-werf issued its annual Open Call with the assignment: “visualize what the future use of public space could look like in whatever shape or form”. MOK won the call with the plan to transform NDSM into an exhibition space, where people can view the works independently and at a safe distance. MOK places pre-existing objects on the site in a new setting. Thus, an unfinished crane becomes a megalomaniac Tower of Babel, two containers turn into a sunset and the stains on a concrete slab become a self-portrait.

The various bits of of art history presented by the MOK are inspired by existing works of art, or are invented movements altogether and can originate from all over the world. All works serve the same goal: to tell society’s stories and encourage the visitor to look at objects differently and to give meaning to their surroundings.

The 22 current works are just a small selection of all possible unintentional works that one could curate. The museum cordially invites the visitor to walk across the terrain of NDSM and add to the collection any object they wish: a dilapidated wall, a hole in the ground, or even the bleak wind blowing over the grounds.

Practical information

The MOK exhibition can be visited at least until the end of February 2021. On the head of the X-Slope, you can find the MOK’s info booth. From here you start the walk along all the works. This is done by means of an audio tour. For this, you download the free izi.TRAVEL app (available for iOS and Android) and go to the NDSM collection, or visit the same page on your mobile browser. The QR codes on the signs, located next to each artwork, will take you to the corresponding fragment. A visit to the MOK offers a nice walk around the NDSM shipyard, where you can always pick up a coffee or a drink at one of the bars or restaurants.

The live tours cannot take place for the time being due to the corona restrictions. Attention – also at the NDSM yard applies: do not gather with more than four people in outdoor areas and keep enough distance at all times.


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