The metamorphosis has sparked people’s imagination since Ovid’s magnum opus and long before. The nymph that emerges as a dragonfly is as mysterious as Daphne’s transformation to a laurel tree. In this age of role-playing games, extreme make-overs and transgender role models, we flawlessly shift our persona to either distinguish or conform ourselves to an often virtual context.

For precisely this reason, Bob, Jos, Lotte and Franz Kafka invite you to bring your best you and your best friends to Sociëteit SEXYLAND on July 28. There we will celebrate the transformative experience of spending roughly 34, 40 and 134 life-years respectively to become the beings we are that day.

Starting from 4 p.m. we fire up the paella pan on the terrace outside. Our children playing at the playground across the street we dream off to music-lovers music. Once the sun changes from yellow to red we turn up the heat inside a little more to sacrifice our sweat to the goddess of dance music in all her shapes.

Come and eat, drink and dance with us to the beat of Narcissus’s echo. Go in and out of phase, resonate with different and like-minded people and find yourself a recreated person.

* Entrance fee: € 2,50
* Bring friends
* Let us know if you’d like to have dinner

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