The exhibition Mental Superpowers shows works that the artist Jan Hoek made during his residency this spring at the Kings County Hospital in New York, where he was with help of the the Beautiful Distress Foundation.

Vincent van Gogh, Lady Gaga, Diane Arbus, Kurt Cobain; the list of famous people with a mental illness who have gone down in historyas brilliant is endless. But how is it actually determined who is labeled as ‘brilliant genius’ and who as ‘mad’? Can we also see different psychological conditions as a Superpower?

Jan Hoek was confronted with this question during his residency. Jan Hoek (himself being a bit mental) made the comic ‘Mental Superpowers’ together with psychiatric ‘patients’ from the hospital.

Exhibition MENTAL SUPERPOWERS – psychiatric center Mentrum

In Mentrum, a psychiatric center at 1e Constantijn Huygenstraat 38 in Amsterdam, there’s another exhibition by Jan Hoek where visitors can get a guided tour of the world of psychiatry as a result of the Mental Superpowers project.

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