Magma Music Festival

Magnetic World Music that sets your feet on fire and makes you want to jump up and dance!
MMF celebrates the love for World Music and to dance freely in the open air.
MMF presents music from all around the world. Rooted in ancient cultures, a music intertwined with the lymph of the planet, the magma from the depths of the earth waiting to be released. A hand picked selection of international musician will descend on the banks of the IJ in Amsterdam. Bringing Italian tarantella and African rhythms, Balkan Beats, and West Indias’ Offbeat, Tango and Bluegrass and more. Let the Music inspirit you to feel the beat of the Earth as a unique body.



ZeBRASS Marching Band
Marching Brass Band

Psychedelic Cumbia

The Bucket Boyz
Bluegrass Punk

African Beat

The Invisibles
Jamaican Vintage Offbeat

Balcony players
Gily Balkan Beat

Rushad Eggleston
Wild Cello Goblin & Intergalactic Creative


Caravan Disco

Azart Ship of Fools (La Nef des fous)

D J Rengo Estar

Dj Yoyok

More Artists to be announced!

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