‘straying from the beaten track is usually seen as taking risks, and “risk” is something we prefer not to engage with. we believe it is time for new paths. paths that break through the stream of unity. for people who see further.’

Alongside the online magazine and live version “Offscreen” in the Stadsschouwburg theatre, it’s time to introduce a print edition. A visionary magazine for and by the eyes of a broad-minded generation, full of new perspectives on everyday matters. Because paper smells so good, we like to grab life with both hands. We yearn for less superficiality. And we want to celebrate this with you. The people we have met and who we are yet to meet. With our striking, incredibly interesting contributors, all of whom have their words at the ready. There will be music (by Sultan Botánico). And beer. The programme is ready, so be on time. Price: a donation, what you think the read is worth. P.S.: printed in a limited edition – so make sure you can get your hands on yours: 19 July.

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