Launch R>A>M>P in X-Helling

Saturday 9 December is the festive opening of R>A>M>P, an action / research platform located in the X-Helling. An afternoon to catch up, breathe and look ahead. At 15.00 the program starts with a short lecture and opening act, after which there is a public conversation with among others Sebastian Olma*.

Initiators are artists Klaar van der Lippe and Bart Stuart: “There is a storm in the city right now, with an emphasis from the city administration on making money. Has our city become a business? Where and what is a place for art and resistance? Simultaneously with our protest for maintaining our own free space the X-Helling on the NDSM, and the necessary accompanying political gymnastics, we open R>A>M>P. We want to think and act through the gentrification at the NDSM, but of course it also applies to the entire city. We want to record the process closely and try to actively intervene, and we are working on an extensive archive of the past 30 years of the NDSM, the history of the shipyard, the loss of shipbuilding and the development to Hotspot.”

9 December in the X Helling, NDSM-plein 76, 1033WC

More info: [email protected]

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