KLM Urban Trail Amsterdam

On Sunday March 17, the second edition of the KLM Urban Trail Amsterdam will take place. A unique discovery through and along hidden places on the northside of Amsterdam, with the starting point and finish on the NDSM-wharf. The course in the capital, which will include famous attractions as well as lesser known places, is being put together as we speak. It promises to be a fascinating tour.

The KLM Urban Trail Amsterdam is more than a race, it is a discovery in running shoes. Everything that makes the north side of Amsterdam unique is what you will discover on Sunday the 17th of March. In this edition, we will offer a huge number of spectacular locations. New locations will be released one by one in the upcoming months. The first location that is already revealed is the Tolhuistuin (‘Tollhouse Garden’), one of Amsterdam Noord’s liveliest cultural hotspots

Participants will get the opportunity to choose between a 5K course and a 10K course. With a 5K course we make it more accessible for the novice runner to participate. Although you will run through less locations and buildings compared to the 10K course. During the run they can make the decision at the split on the course. Both distances will start and finish at the same locations.

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