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Infrared by Young Curator Anne-Jet de Nas


Under the name ‘Young Curator’, Stichting NDSM-werf invites a novice curator every year to intervene in the public space of the NDSM. The interpretation is open.
The ambition is to open up works in the public space and make them more accessible and to respond to urgencies.

This year Anne-Jet de Nas has been invited as Young Curator. She previously curated an exhibition at Sexyland World (also in Amsterdam-Noord). De Nas will curate the ‘Infrared’ program on Thursday, September 28: a performance accompanying the artwork IN TUNE by Henk Schut. This work, a bronze tuning fork that ‘tunes’ the environment and thus brings us into better balance with our environment, can be seen in the Dock of the Y-slope and forms the context for the program. We interviewed Anne-Jet about her program at NDSM, you can read that conversation here.

The starting point of Infrared is the stillness that IN TUNE seeks; how do we relate to the nature and space around us? With this intervention, De Nas addresses sound as a connecting factor, between people and the city, but also between herself and the work. A special performance by artist Ray Fuego, also one of the founders of hip-hop collective Smib, adds a temporary sound and thus responds to the stillness of the work. Ray Fuego performs his latest song INFRAROOD//3:30AM in a spoken word written for the occasion.

The entry for the program starts at 7:15 PM on the Y slope, NDSM during NDSM Get Lost. The performance starts at 7:45 PM, everyone is welcome!

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