Grachtenfestival: Fusus

The Grachtenfestival 2017 takes place from 11 to 20 August at various locations in Amsterdam. On Saturday, August 19, the three young versatile percussionists of Fusus build their live set at Pllek.


‘Raised with various sorts of percussion, we got inspired by electronically built grooves and spheres. The beauty of these ingredients is that they create a place, other than the one you are currently in’.

Fusus (Ruben Maathuis, Koen Klunder, Koen Vosmeijer) combines electronic elements with craftwork. The ensemble originated when Ruben got the idea to edit tracks of De Sluwe Vos (Robert Vosmeijer) for acoustic percussion. This resulted in a tour alongside all the major Dutch pop songs with De Sluwe Vos.

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