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Gevangenis Monologen


Gevangenis Monologen is back! With a brand new theater performance based on stories of (former) prisoners. About family, loss, being excluded and making ‘wrong choices’. About picking yourself up and coming back after a crisis and about distrust in prison. Current, moving and confrontational.

As in Gevangenis Monologen 1 & 2, the story of an ex-convict is central, but in this edition we engage even more strongly with society and our prison system. Why do so many (former) prisoners end up back in prison? How do we treat each other? What effect do prejudice and discrimination have on the soul of a person? How is self-hatred passed on? And: how could it be otherwise? Gevangenis Monologen 3 doesn’t pretend to provide answers. By telling an intimate, personal story and making it empathetic, we hope to be able to have a conversation. Above all, Gevangenis Monologen offers a unique and exciting theater experience! Can be seen in the NDSM Theater from February 16, press the button below for ticket sales and more information.

Note: this show is in Dutch


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